Small generator for home : iNVERTER gENERATOR

Electricity was not able to separate us from everyday life. Even when we camped in the field, the need for electricity continues to be felt.Thankfully now available with the new technology, namely  inverter generator.

As we know the generator converts mechanical energy electricity thanks to a phenomenon called  electromagnetic induction. The voltage will be generated by the movement of a conductor, usually coil wire, inside magnetic casing.
Generator always need input mechanical energy to rotate the coil wire. Mechanical energy is used by the generator usually comes from an internal combustion engine running on gasoline. For conventional generators, in addition to using the gasoline engine can also use diesel or gas engine.

The main difference between a conventional generator  and inverter generator is the rotational speed of the machine. In conventional generators spinning machine at high speeds, while the engine in  inverter generator rotates at a lower speed. This is possible because the in inverter generator , the resulting voltage of the inverter generator is not directly from the generator. Picture below depicted an inverter generator  (

In conventional generators, each the engine produces a sine wave AC power. For electricity to produces a standard 120-volt, 60-Hz regular electricity we use, the machine should be run at a constant speed 3600
rpm, regardless of the load. inverter generator is designed to produce more AC electrical energy per spin machine but not in a form that can be used directly; raw power must first be transformed into DC power. an electronic inverter module then converts DC power back to the standard 120-volt, 60-Hz AC power. this advantage is Approach is that the machine only needs to run at the speed required to match load and therefore quieter 

Visual C++ serial programming step by step

Dear all hands

Serial port may be is legacy port today, but serial port is the foundation of usb port, so is very crucial for us to understand serial port programming.
Fortunately serial port programming is supported by Visual C++ , so we can develop serial port programming quite easy in visual C++ .
Below is the steps of serial port programming use virtual c++

a. Make new solution in Visual studio

     - click visual studio

     - choose new project  and chose windows form application as below


b. Take serial port component in componen
c. Make support component like button to activate and deactivate  serial port

AVR MICROCONTROLLER Timer tutorial and example

Working with  AVR  timer  in first time maybe make us confuse . So i write this avr timer example and tutorial  as an effort for to make my understanding about AVR time more strongth reside in my memory.
AVR microcontroler has three timer :
a. Timer 0
b. Timer 1
c. Timer 2

These AVR timer has at least four operation mode :
1. Counter mode
2. Timer mode
3. input capture mode
4. PWM mode

To operate a timer we must deal with several register that govern these timer, below is register list that i pretend:

  • Register TCNT = is counter register
  • Register TCCR =register for operation mode ofsi  Timer/Counter
  • Register TIMSK =register  to chose timer
  • Register TIFR 
  • Register OC (output compare) 

Very cheap ATS /AMF

Very cheap ATS /AMF

Dear all hands

When we operated diesel power plant as a back up system (standby power system), this means we must also install ATS /AMFATS or Automatic transfer switch and AMF or Automatic Main Failure are device tochange over load when electricity from main supply is fail. Commonly diesel power plant is used as back up power system / standby power system.
The main principle of an ATS ,  Its a switch, or more precisely, ATS is an interlocked switch. ATS make sure that just only one power supply feed electrical load.  Because ATS is a switch we can use MCCB ( Molded Case  Circuit Breaker) or COS ( change over switch). If we use MCCB is mean we must use two MCCB, and if we useChange over Switch as ATS, we just only need one COS or change over switch. Image below shown well known COS change over switch from SOCOMEC.

Image above shown a manual type of Change Over Switch from Socomec.
Because its manual type change over switch, we must pull the handle to change over load.  But we can useautomatic version of Change over switch. Just for example, Atys Change Over Switch is a automatic type change over switch produced by Socomec.
As we know diesel power plant starting time before it being loaded, and AMF is the system that controlchange over load operation. AMF for diesel power plant also has task to  monitoring diesel engine operation .Today so many AMF offered by various  manufacturer, like Inteli, Deep Sea.
Unfortunatelly ATS/AMF from manufacturer  is expensive, but don’t worry we can still get ATS/AMF in  cheap price.  To make cheap ATS/AMF we can use MCCB , timer and phase failure relay. We can get MCCB from schneider or another factory, and for timer we can use timer from Omron or from another manufacturer.